The company

We are a leading supplier of brass valves for the installation of domestic water, heating, gas and industrial systems.

Specialist for brass valves

For more than 30 years, we have been supplying brass ball valves, outlet valves and appliance connection valves that are produced in accordance with the latest applicable standards.

Our claim

Product quality comes first. The production of our ball valves is ISO 9001 certified.

Only materials in accordance with the applicable standards are used for all ball valves.

Test certificates for each production confirm the material used and the degree of hardness.

Our products

We stock DVGW-certified ball valves for drinking water installations, with different handle types and connection threads, heating and industrial ball valves in dimensions from 1/4″ to 4″ in pressure ratings from PN 20 to PN 50 in many connection and handle variants.

The range is supplemented by DVGW-certified connection fittings for the sanitary sector and connection of water-bearing household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. In recent years, we have expanded this range to include whisper taps – Silence Edition.

Our markets

HSE® fittings are supplied exclusively via specialist wholesalers in Europe.

This is the only way to guarantee professional and best advice on site as well as reliable and short deliveries.