Whisper valves – Silence Edition

Our HSE® Silence Edition range includes angle/angle regulating valves, outlet valves and an appliance connection valve.

Sound insulation taken seriously

Sound insulation is considered an important and value-determining characteristic for the quality of buildings. It is required by building regulations for most building types and is regulated in DIN 4109. Water vortices created in fittings lead to flow noises that are transmitted to the building. Especially in modern buildings, these noises are perceived as unpleasant and stress-inducing.

HSE® Silence fittings are designed to optimise flow in order to minimise noise generation at the throttling point of the fitting.

DIN 4109 divides valves into flow classes and valve groups. These are the basis for issuing a building authority test certificate (P-certificate) and a DVGW certificate.  HSE® Silence fittings belong to fitting group 1, with a fitting noise level < 20 DB(A) at a flow pressure of 3 bar. Only these fittings may be installed on walls that border rooms requiring protection (living rooms, bedrooms and workrooms) on the same floor or on the floors above or below.

In order to fulfil the obligations under building law, fittings must comply with the recognised rules and the state of the art. HSE® Silence fittings meet all requirements:

HSE® Silence fittings – Tested and certified quality

HSE® Silence fittings were developed in our technical centre in Berlin and are subject to constant quality and safety monitoring in accordance with DVGW guidelines and DIN standards.

The DVGW certification mark certifies that HSE® Silence fittings comply with the recognised rules of technology. As a DVGW-certified product, HSE® fittings and our production facilities are continuously inspected by accredited bodies (TÜV Rheinland).

The general building authority test certificate (Ü mark) certifies that the HSE® Silence fittings meet the requirements of the state building regulations and suitability for use.

The European quality seal WELL Water Efficiency Label shows you at a glance whether fittings use water sparingly and consume little energy.